The Newfangled Myspace

The new Myspace is creating a lot of buzz and getting some serious kudos for its design. And, yes, it sure does look pretty slick in that demo video. It’s all very sexy and Metro and full if of nice interaction touches and transitions. I got a little excited. Nice work JT.

The direction seems smart too; if there was one place Myspace held, and still holds to some degree, it was entertainment. Myspace, despite a horrible experience, is the place many artists go to connect with fans.

Sure, Facebook has made some strides there, and there are some interesting publishing tools out there like BandPage and Onesheet, but Myspace still lingers and dominates Google search results.

So, yeah, it’s interesting and sexy. And a great experience might be just the thing to breath life into it. As well, from a visual design standpoint alone I think it can be applauded, even if it’s not actually all that new. Windows 8?

So, yeah, it’s worth talking about—Hell, I give 50 bucks to and I find this more compelling—but, please, people, lets actually use it before we start calling it a design and user experience success. And, designers, whatever you do, don’t start copying this stuff yet. I’m excited about some of what I saw too, but I’d advise caution. And lots of testing.

I mean, hell, that seemingly infinite horizontal scroll might wreck the whole damn thing. :)

What do you think? Head over to Branch and let’s talk about it.


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